The second-most important, fourth-most lengthy book about webcomics.

In terms of mankind's scientific and cultural advancements, television can take a hike, sliced bread might as well have not been invented, and the polio vaccine can go f#@k itself. Webcomics belong to the 21st through 23rd Centuries.

Discover why in a way you never had before in the first Checkerboard Nightmare print collection, A Brief History of Webcomics. It's more than 160 classic webcomic parodies culled from five years of CxN -- along with five chapters on webcomic history.

Chapter 1. The Boring Years
Chapter 2. The Seven Swordsmen of Online Comics
Chapter 3. Tools of the Trade
Chapter 4. No Milestone Too Small
Chapter 5. Into The Future

PLUS an exclusive interview with Chex, The Checkerboard Nightmare Movie, the McCloud hypercube, the first Hard Action Squad, the Fallen Down storyline, and a comprehensive bibliography!

If you're a webcartoonist, know a webcartoonist, or read the word "webcartoonist" in this sentence, you need to pick up A Brief History of Webcomics.

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